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Keep That Carpet Lookin’ Good

May 04, 20231 min read

Carpeting is a huge investment. The life of the carpet can be extended with proper care and good preventative maintenance:


Walk-off Mats - Mats are crucial to carpet maintenance. More than 75% of soil in any building is tracked in from the outside, so vacuuming these daily is extremely important.

Daily Vacuuming of High Traffic Areas  - Traffic areas include any hallway, by elevators, by restrooms, aisles by cubicles and in front of offices, etc.  You may not see the dirt, but it is there doing its damage. The longer it is there the harder it is to remove.

Carpet Spotting - Although you may not be responsible for carpet spotting, every employee should report any spots they see on carpet. Spills that remain on the carpet too long can result in permanent damage.


Preventative Maintenance - Use of closed containers in carpeted areas will greatly increase the life and appearance of carpeting.

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